A national drive shortage and the continued impact of COVID-19 means that there are significantly fewer drivers than usual.  Whilst Biffa are making every effort to collect your garden waste there are significant delays to the service.

Biffa are currently accepting increased garden waste on collection days of up to three sacks to minimise inconvenience.

Looking at the latest service update, this appears to be the current state of play,

Collection Due Date                                                                      Status

21st July                                                                                          Leave bin out until collected

22nd July                                                                                        Put bin out on 7th August await collection

23rd July                                                                                         Put bin out on 10th August await collection

26th July                                                                                        Put bin out on 13th August await collection

27th July                                                                                         Not before 14th August.


There is no further update after the 27th July 2021 collection date so it would appear that Biffa are about 3 weeks behind and no details if the delay will be longer or that more drivers are recruited to get the collection date on time.

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