Parish Council Objects to Rampion 2 Proposals

At a meeting of the Parish Council on the 1st September 2021 members agreed to object to the Rampion 2 proposals.  The objections have been submitted on the Formal Consultation Document Response Form .  The list of objections have also been sent to Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council, Local MP’s, Resident associations and to those residents who have requested to see the reasons for objecting to Rampion 2.

Please click on the link below to see the article that will be in the Autumn 2021 edition of Middleton News which details the reasons for objecting.

Article – Objections to Rampion 2 Wind Farm Proposals


Public Meeting – Proposals Rampion 2 Wind Farm




You are invited to a meeting in the rear hall of the Village hall on Wednesday 25th August 2021 to discuss the above.

Meeting starts at 6.30pm and will end at 8.30pm

Public Meeting Format
• Meeting to be chaired by Chairman of Middleton-on-Sea Parish Council
• Rampion presentation on their proposals for Rampion 2 Wind Farm
• Presentation by Dr Colin Ross of Protect Coastal England in response to Rampion 2 Wind Farm proposals.
• Question & Answer Session

For further details or if you have any questions please contact the Parish Clerk, Joe Lake by email on [email protected] or telephone 01243 585262

Arun Garden Waste Service Update – August 2021

A national drive shortage and the continued impact of COVID-19 means that there are significantly fewer drivers than usual.  Whilst Biffa are making every effort to collect your garden waste there are significant delays to the service.

Biffa are currently accepting increased garden waste on collection days of up to three sacks to minimise inconvenience.

Looking at the latest service update, this appears to be the current state of play,

Collection Due Date                                                                      Status

21st July                                                                                          Leave bin out until collected

22nd July                                                                                        Put bin out on 7th August await collection

23rd July                                                                                         Put bin out on 10th August await collection

26th July                                                                                        Put bin out on 13th August await collection

27th July                                                                                         Not before 14th August.


There is no further update after the 27th July 2021 collection date so it would appear that Biffa are about 3 weeks behind and no details if the delay will be longer or that more drivers are recruited to get the collection date on time.

You can get daily updates by clicking on the following link




Public Notice Full Parish Council Meeting

NOTICE is hereby given that a
will be held in the rear hall of the Jubilee Hall
Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 7.00pm


1. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21st July 2021

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Public Discussion Period (Maximum 20 minutes – Limited to 3 minutes per speaker)

4. Matters arising and Committee Reports

5. Correspondence received

6. Financial reports and payments approved

7. Any Other Business (For noting or inclusion on a future agenda)



7 North Avenue East
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO22 6HQ                                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                       J.W Lake
                                                                                                    Clerk to the Council     

                                                                                                          26th August 2021 

Arun District Council – Sheltered Housing vacancies

Arun District Council would like to hear from you if you are interested in the sheltered housing vacancies currently available.

It may be that you, or a family member would qualify for a place in one of our sheltered housing schemes. Residents must be over 60 years old and ideally have a local connection with the area, but it’s not essential.

Cllr Jacky Pendleton, Committee Chair for Residential and Wellbeing Services commented: “We are now in a position where we have some vacancies in our sheltered accommodation schemes. Sheltered housing brings many benefits for both those living in the accommodation and their loved ones. This accommodation is only available for people over the age 60, providing freedom to enjoy living independently in a safe environment and community. This is beneficial in so many ways and provides peace of mind for residents and loved ones”

There is no on-site warden with our sheltered housing provision, but Careline is available (at a small cost) if the added security of having someone on hand 24 hours a day would is required.
We would be delighted to hear from you if this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please contact us by email at [email protected] Or by calling 01903 737552 and we can share more information with you.

Green Waste Club Collections

The Council’s contractor Biffa plans to resume its scheduled garden waste collections service from Monday 5th July 2021 following the current suspension of the service.

Every customer has missed a collection and Biffa have agreed to collect up to three 80L refuse sacks of garden waste for the next two collection cycles to help clear any additional waste generated by customers.  These additional bags should be placed next to the brown Green Waste Club bin on your scheduled collection day.

The suspension of the service was caused by driver shortages.

Rampion 2 Wind Farm – Meeting with Rampion on 28th July 2021

Rampion have agreed to a further meeting with the Parish Council which will be a public meeting which local residents can attend.  Unfortunately the meeting will be a virtual meeting on Zoom as this is currently Rampion company policy.

Rampion will give a presentation on their draft proposals which form part of the formal public consultation that will run from the 14th July 2021 to 16th September 2021.  This will be followed by a question and answer session from Parish Councillors and local residents.  The Parish Council will need to make a decision on the proposals for the Rampion 2 Wind Farm soon and this new meeting can go some way towards the decision making process.

The meeting is set for the 28th July 2021 starting at 7.00pm if you would like to attend please contact the Parish Council on 01243 585262 or email [email protected] and the link to Zoom will be sent to you.

If you would like to look at Rampion Statement of Community Consultation please use the following link,


Vacancy for One Parish Councillor


  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that a vacancy exists in the office of Councillor for the Beach Ward of Middleton-on-Sea Parish Council caused by the resignation of Councillor Mr Michael Davies


  1. A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve and bank holidays) from the date below ten electors for the parish give notice in writing to the Returning Officer requesting such an election. Please include elector numbers and elector signatures on the form.


  1. Where ten valid requests for a by-election are received by the Proper Officer then, under the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and The Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, the by-election will not currently take place, and the vacancy will be held open until the by election takes place. The 2020 regulations provide for the by election to take place on the date for the Ordinary Election of Councillors due to be held on Thursday 6 May 2021. However, this date may be brought forward or deferred by the Government depending upon the circumstances. Any Election that is In due course called will be duly publicised as required by law.


  1. The Address of the Returning Officer is: Arun District Council, Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, LITTLEHAMPTON, West Sussex, BN17 5LF


  1. If no such notice is given within the time allowed the Parish/Town Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.



Dated:        26th June 2021                                            Signed                                                                                                                                      Clerk of the Council


Rampion 2 – Statement of Community Consultation

Rampion 2 is a proposed expansion of the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, located in the English Channel off the Sussex coast. The broad offshore area of search being reviewed for development, which is adjacent to the existing wind farm, was initially established by the Crown Estate who own and lease the seabed.

The Infrastructure being proposed as part of the development includes:

  • Up to 116 wind turbines, up to three offshore substations and an export cable search area to bring the power to shore at Climping Beach
  • An underground electricity cable connection from Climping Beach to Bolney, Mid Sussex, where the electricity would need to connect into the National Grid transmission system
  • One new substation located near the existing Bolney substation, which would be required to transform the power from the wind farm up to the required voltage (400kV), in order to connect to the transmission grid

About the application process

Rampion 2 is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) under the Planning Act 2008. This means that RED must apply to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

(BEIS) for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for statutory powers to build and operate the project.

RED will submit the DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate who will only accept the application on behalf of the Secretary of State for examination if it complies with the relevant statutory formalities and standards.

About the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC)

The Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) sets out how RED intend to consult with local communities within the vicinity of the project about the proposed development, and the preliminary environmental information which will inform the Environmental Statement, during the pre-application process. It provides details on how the project information can be accessed and how to respond to the consultation.

Under Section 47 of the Planning Act 2008 RED has a statutory duty to consult the local community about its proposals in accordance with its SoCC.

The SoCC is available for inspection free of charge on the project website

Paper copies of the SoCC are available for pickup (subject to availability) from 7 June until 12 July 2021 at the following publicly accessible facilities:

Location                  Address                                                      For information about access & opening hours*

Seaford Library

Newhaven Library

Peacehaven Library

15-17 Sutton Park Road, Seaford BN25 1QX

36-38 High Street, Newhaven BN9 9PD

Meridian Centre, Peacehaven BN10 8BB
Jubilee Library

Hove Library

Portslade Library

Jubilee Street, Brighton BN1 1GE

182-186 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2EG,

Old Shoreham Rd, Portslade BN41 1XR leisure-and-arts
Southwick Library



Worthing Library

Ferring Library

Rustington Library

Littlehampton Library

Bognor Regis Library

Selsey Library

Arundel Library

Storrington Library

Henfield Library

24 Southwick St, Southwick, BN42 4FT

St Mary’s Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5ZA

Richmond Rd, Worthing BN11 1HD

Ferring St, Worthing BN12 5HL

Claigmar Road, Rustington, BN16 2N

Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5NA

London Road, Bognor Regis, PO21 1DE

School Lane, Selsey, PO20 9EH

Surrey Street, Arundel, BN18 9DT

Ryecroft Lane, Storrington, RH20 4PA

Off High Street, Henfield, BN5 9HN library-details/

*Due to evolving social distancing guideline it is advised to visit the website provided to find out about potential restrictions and safety measures before attending the facility.

If you are unable to access the SoCC as prescribed above or    Email: [email protected] you required it in another language, large print, audio or                 Free phone information line: 0800 2800 886 braille format, please contact RED using these details: hours of operation 7am-9pm Mon-Sat.


High & Low Tides – July 2021


                                     High Water                                                     Low Water


Date Morning   Afternoon   Morning   Afternoon  



m Time m Time m Time


01 03.52 4.8 16.24 4.9 09.53 1.2 22.23 1.4
02 04.45 4.6 17.15 4.7 10.46 1.4 23.23 1.6
03 05.38 4.4 18.07 4.6 11.46 1.6
04 06.36 4.3 19.04 4.5 00.28 1.7 12.49 1.6
05 07.37 4.3 20.03 4.6 01.28 1.6 13.49 1.6
06 08.35 4.5 20.55 4.7 02.21 1.5 14.40 1.5
07 09.23 4.7 21.37 4.9 03.07 1.3 15.24 1.4
08 10.05 4.9 22.17 5.1 03.47 1.2 16.06 1.2
09 10.45 5.1 22.57 5.2 04.26 1.0 16.43 1.1
10 11.25 5.2 23.34 5.2 05.02 0.9 17.19 1.0
11 12.03 5.3 05.39 0.9 17.56 1.0
12 00.11 5.3 12.40 5.3 06.17 0.8 18.35 1.0
13 00.48 5.3 13.19 5.3 06.53 0.8 19.12 1.0
14 01.28 5.3 13.58 5.3 07.32 0.8 19.53 1.0
15 02.10 5.2 14.41 5.3 08.14 0.9 20.39 1.0
16 02.56 5.1 15.30 5.2 09.01 1.0 21.31 1.1
17 03.49 5.0 16.26 5.0 09.55 1.1 22.32 1.2
18 04.50 4.8 17.29 4.9 10.59 1.2 23.44 1.3
19 05.58 4.7 18.38 4.9 12.13 1.3
20 07.14 4.7 19.49 5.0 00.54 1.3 13.24 1.3
21 08.24 4.9 20.54 5.2 02.00 1.2 14.29 1.2
22 09.28 5.1 21.51 5.4 02.59 0.9 15.26 1.0
23 10.26 5.4 22.46 5.6 03.53 0.7 16.17 0.8
24 11.20 5.6 23.38 5.6 04.42 0.6 17.05 0.7
25 12.10 5.7 05.29 0.5 17.52 0.6
26 00.26 5.7 12.57 5.7 06.17 0.5 18.40 0.7
27 01.12 5.6 13.41 5.7 07.04 0.6 19.25 0.8
28 01.55 5.4 14.22 5.5 07.47 0.7 20.07 0.9
29 02.35 5.2 15.01 5.3 08.27 0.9 20.48 1.1
30 03.15 5.0 15.40 5.1 09.07 1.1 21.29 1.3
31 03.57 4.7 16.23 4.8 09.47 1.3 22.15 1.5