Friends of Middleton-on-Sea Pond & Green Charity

Project Information

WHAT IS GOING ON ? – The pond is being de-silted – an average of approximately 18 inches or 45cm of silt will be removed from its base and the banks reinforced to prevent them eroding and collapsing into the pond.

WHY IS IT NECESSARY ? – Middleton pond is an attenuation pond designed to act as a holding tank during high surface water levels.  Due to a build up of silt over the years the pond is not holding as much water as it should at times of high rainfall.

WHAT WILL IT ACHIEVE ? – It will allow the pond to hold more water in times of prolonged rainfall for flood alleviation and retain the water for longer in the summer to allow the amphibians to complete their life-cycle in good time.

AND THE END RESULT ? – Once the work is complete the Friends will restore the southern end of the green by planting a mini wild flower meadow to attract more insects.  Further donations will allow us to plant filtration reeds where the northern ditch enters the pond and more marginal plants.  As rain starts to fill the pond the duck houses will be refloated ready to welcome back our resident pair of Moorhens and with luck a pair of Mallards


Hopefully your pond will be holding more water and wildlife and be looking a lot more attractive this time next year.

FUNDING – The Friends were successful in their application to West Sussex County Council Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund Award, and secured a grant of just over £20,000.



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