Four and a half thousand Arun Residents have said they want free car parks and no parking Meters


At Arun District Council offices yesterday (21.3.24) Petitions, calling for no installation of parking meters, were handed in to Jane Fulton, Committee Services Manager.

Each signature represented the view of a resident who had said they did not want meters installed at Grassmere , Links Avenue and Middleton Car Parks.  On the 1st April, Arun District Council intend to install these machines to give out tickets for free parking for a number of hours; however, it’s highly likely that once established, the machines will be used to charge for parking.  The Chairman of the Arun District Council Environment Committee has stated that she cannot guarantee that they will not introduce charges in the future.

Proposed installation has been planned without public consultation, has been imposed by ADC with no risk assessment or impact assessment, and without agreement with West Sussex County Council.  Some District and County Councillors fear any prospect of charging will further damage small businesses that are already suffering with the rise of out of town shopping.

At the petition presentation were:

Jacky Pendleton (West Sussex, Arun District & Middleton-on-Sea Parish Councillor) who said “the proposal to install parking meters is against the community, a waste of public money, and as yet does not have County Council approval.”

Elaine Stainton , (Arun District Councillor, Felpham West) who stated that “Grassmere Car Park was given by a benefactor, Mr Beaney, in 1973 for the people of Felpham to use for free.”

Gill Madeley, (Arun District Councillor, Felpham East) added that “it would be a disaster for village shops and the local people.”

Shirley Haywood, (Arun District and Middleton-on-Sea Parish Councillor), stated that “Middleton has no wish to see ticket machines and car parking restrictions at Shrubbs Field Car Park as this is a vital well used community car park essential to village life in Middleton”

Jaine Wild, WSCC councillor for Felpham, said “as yet there was no agreement with WSCC and if parking meters were installed it could cause highway problems within Felpham and Middleton-on-Sea villages.”

The installation programme for parking meters at these three car parks must be stopped in order to protect local communities and ensure our villages survive and continue to attract residents and visitors to use local attractions and services.

In attendance at the presentation of the petition and in the photo attached were:

Jacky Pendleton WSCC & ADC

Jaine Wild WSCC

Sean Gunner Leader of ADC

Elaine Stainton ADC

Gill Madeley ADC

Shirley Haywood ADC

Jane Fulton Committee Services Manager ADC