Support for Families during the Pandemic

West Sussex County Council & Arun District Council

Information around the different support available for families including children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) vouchers and support for those who have been financially impacted by the pandemic can be found by contacting the Parish Clerk at or telephone 01243 585262 who will provide details on who to contact on the different avenues that offer access to advice and support.

The information covers:

  • Free School Meals – eligibility criteria
  • Free School Meal Vouchers – School holidays, redeeming vouchers, Term Time and frequently asked questions on how the scheme works
  • Other Support Available – support for fuel or utility bills, council tax and rent

Rampion 2 Wind Farm Extension Launches First Consultation

An informal consultation has been opened seeking feedback on initial proposals to expand the Rampion Wind Farm off the Sussex coast. Rampion 2 could create clean, renewable electricity to power over one million homes in the UK in addition to Rampion’s existing generation. Feedback from this first consultation will help refine more detailed proposals which will be prepared for a second consultation later this year.

An offshore ‘Area of Search’ is being assessed to identify the optimum site for a maximum of up to 116 turbines, the same number as the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. A subsea export cable is proposed to bring the power ashore under Climping beach, with an underground onshore cable route required to bring the power inland to connect to the national transmission grid at Bolney, where three potential sites are being considered for a new substation.

You can visit the village hall’ exhibition and give your feedback from 14th January to 11th February at


Public Notice Parish Council Meeting – 20th January 2021


NOTICE is hereby given that a


will be held remotely on Zoom


Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 7 p.m.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 16th December 2020.
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Public Discussion Period (Maximum 20 minutes – Limited to 3 minutes per speaker)
  4. Matters arising and Committee Reports
  5. Correspondence received
  6. Financial reports and payments approved
  7. Any Other Business (For noting or inclusion on a future agenda)
  • Note: If members of the public or press would like to attend this meeting remotely using your own device please contact the Parish Clerk on 01243 585262 0r by email for details on how to attend.

7 North Avenue East, Middleton-on-Sea, Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO22 6HQ


J.W Lake

Clerk of the Council

11th December 2020






COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – FAQ’s


This FAQ aims to set out the most common questions in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

A full FAQ is regularly updated on the ICS website:

Some of the latest FAQ’s cover

  1. I live in an area that has not started vaccinations tet, when will I receive it?
  2. My GP practice has not signed up to the Enhanced Service, how will I receive my vaccination?
  3. Can I propose my community venue as the site for a vaccination service
  4. What is the priority order for receiving the vaccine, and who decides this?
  5. Why do I have to wait to be vaccinated?
  6. How are medical staff being vaccinated?
  7. I am in Tier 4, can I travel for a vaccination appointment?


West Sussex County Council Climate Change Conversation Survey

Last week saw the launch of the West Sussex Climate Conversation. An opportunity for you and local residents to input and get involved in the Climate Change Conversation and work in West Sussex. The information gathered will be used by Councils across West Sussex to help support residents and businesses to continue with, or start more, positive actions.

Parish & Town Council: Please take the time to complete the survey on behalf of your Parish & Town Council as I know that we have all experienced the impact in the way we work this year. Also have an opportunity to input any thoughts your council has around how it is considering or delivering actions around climate change in your area.

 Residents & Businesses: Please share through your networks and promote on your website the survey link below for a opportunity for residents and businesses to participate

Press Release: Take part in the West Sussex Climate Conversation

People in West Sussex are being invited to take part in a survey to find out how Covid-19 restrictions have affected their response to climate change.

The West Sussex Climate Conversation will look at how our behaviour has changed during the pandemic – for example working from home or exploring locally – and how this has affected our local environment.

Information gathered will be used by Councils across West Sussex to help support residents and businesses to continue with, or start more, positive actions.

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “We want to hear from our residents to understand what they are now doing differently as a result of the pandemic and how this could help our response to climate change.

“Covid-19 has presented us with some extremely challenging and difficult times, but in some circumstances, it has created opportunities for us to look at how we live our lives and how we might be able to change for the better in the future.”

West Sussex County Council has recently adopted a Climate Change Strategy for the next ten years, which includes a commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Deborah added: “Climate change continues to be a critical issue to address. We want to use this opportunity to see how we can help tackle climate adaptation and further encourage positive environmental changes we have seen this year.”

The survey is being led by Local Partnerships, a body set up to support councils in tackling challenges and to share their findings.

 People can take part in the survey by visiting

The West Sussex Climate Conversation runs until 6 December 2020

West Sussex Highways – Online Pothole Reporting

Last month West Sussex County Council launched a new online form, on their website, for reporting potholes.  They want to improve the experience of reporting a pothole and have developed an interactive map displaying all reported potholes, so that customers can identify if already reported and to subscribe and receive future updates should they wish to. As this form is a trial they are welcoming customer feedback as they wish to continually improve their offer to Residents. Feedback can be provided by visiting their webpage and clicking on the page link provided.

West Sussex County Council want to add this link to their website for reporting potholes,  rather than to Love West Sussex. If you are a regular pothole reporter please can we ask that you support them by using the new pothole form but also to provide valuable insight and feedback.

For the duration of the trial the online reporting of all other enquiries regarding the roads in West Sussex, such as grass cutting, flooding etc, have remained on Love West Sussex.




High & Low Tides – December 2020


                                     High Water                                                     Low Water


Date Morning   Afternoon   Morning   Afternoon  



m Time m Time m Time


1 11.27 5.4 23.51 5.4 05.14 1.0 17.31 0.9
2 11.59 5.4 05.47 1.1 18.05 1.0
3 00.24 5.4 12.33 5.4 06.19 1.1 18.38 1.0
4 00.59 5.3 13.09 5.2 06.54 1.2 19.15 1.2
5 01.38 5.2 13.51 5.1 07.35 1.2 19.57 1.2
6 02.23 5.1 14.39 4.9 08.22 1.4 20.48 1.4
7 03.17 4.9 15.39 4.7 09.22 1.6 21.52 1.5
8 04.28 4.7 16.58 4.6 10.34 1.7 23.09 1.5
9 05.50 4.8 18.20 4.7 11.56 1.6
10 06.59 5.0 19.27 4.9 00.26 1.4 13.04 1.3
11 07.58 5.2 20.24 5.1 01.31 1.2 14.01 1.1
12 08.50 5.5 21.16 5.4 02.26 1.0 14.53 0.8
13 09.39 5.8 22.06 5.7 03.17 0.8 15.42 0.6
14 10.28 5.9 22.58 5.8 04.04 0.7 16.29 0.5
15 11.,17 5.9 23.48 5.8 04.51 0.6 17.15 0.5
16 12.05 5.9 05.36 0.6 18.02 0.5
17 00.36 5.8 12.52 5.7 06.23 0.7 18.49 0.6
18 01.24 5.6 13.39 5.5 07.11 0.9 19.37 0.9
19 02.11 5.4 14.26 5.2 07.58 1.2 20.23 1.1
20 02.59 5.2 15.14 4.9 08.46 1.3 21.12 1.3
21 03.49 5.0 16.08 4.6 09.38 1.6 22.06 1.5
22 04.43 4.7 17.07 4.4 10.38 1.8 23.07 1.7
23 05.39 4.6 18.05 4.3 11.50 1.8
24 06.36 4.5 19.06 4.3 00.16 1.8 12.59 1.8
25 07.35 4.7 20.05 4.5 01.21 1.8 13.56 1.6
26 08.28 4.8 20.54 4.7 02.15 1.6 14.42 1.4
27 09.11 5.0 21.36 5.0 03.01 1.4 15.24 1.2
28 09.49 5.1 22.16 5.1 03.41 1.3 16.02 1.1
29 10.28 5.3 22.55 5.2 04.18 1.2 16.38 1.0
30 11.05 5.4 23.33 5.4 04.55 1.1 17.14 0.9
31 11.42 5.4 05.30 1.1 17.50 0.9


School Admissions – Starting School September 2021

Starting School – September 2021

West Sussex County Council have sent out the following information with regard to the above.  A poster will also be on the Parish Council notice boars

The application process for children due to start school in September 2021 will begin on Monday 5 October 2020. We try to advertise the application arrangements as widely as possible and it is in this connection that I now write to you.

As a service to your local community we would invite you to advertise the starting school application window in your Parish Magazine, on your website or by whatever means you normally use to communicate with your residents.

I have attached to this email a poster and leaflet giving details of the application process. The key points are:

  • Apply online at
  • Applications can be made and will be considered as on time, between 5 October 2020 and 15 January 2021
  • Special rules apply for house movers until 12 February 2021
  • Further information for parents is available on our website now
  • Staff are available to support on 03330 142 903

Applications made after the closing date cannot be considered until all on time applications have been processed. This may mean it is not possible to offer a child a place at a local school. We would therefore be grateful if you could help actively encourage all parents to apply by the closing date.





Major Development at Ford Airfield Site

Details of the proposed alterations to Ford Market have been revealed as plans for a major new development at the airfield were submitted to Arun District Council ( see planning application F/4/20/OUT).

The development is to be called “The Landings”

The Outline Planning Application is for the development of up to 1,500 dwellings, 60 bed care home, up to 9,000 sqm of employment floorspace, local centre of up to 2,350sqm including up to 900sqm retail/commercial and 1,450sqm community/leisure floorspace, land for a two-form entry primary school, public open space, allotments, new sports pitches and associated facilities, drainage, parking and associated access, infrastructure, landscape, ancillary and site preparation works, including demolition of existing buildings and part removal of existing runway hardstanding.  The application affects a Public Right of Way.

The Development control committee of the Parish Council will be discussing this planning application as to any comments it wishes to make.  The additional traffic onto the A259 will be a concern.