Planning Applications

Planning Applications

Planning Applications
If you want to review a particular planning application in Middleton-on Sea or any other parishes/towns then follow these steps
Go to Arun District Council website which is
Click on Planning Applications
Click Application Search post 1987
Under Reference enter the planning application number and press enter
Click on planning application number.
This will open up and give details of the planning application, if you wish to review plans or require any other information click on View Documents.
You can also submit an objection or support to this planning application here.

The following planning applications for the parish of Middleton-on-Sea and surrounding parishes have been received and will be considered by the Development Control Committee (Planning).

Planning Applications – Middleton-on-Sea Parish 21st June 2023

M/43/23 – Elm Tree Cottage Yapton Road – Single storey front, side and rear extensions and roof extension involving the installation of 2 front dormers and rooflights, following the demolition of existing front porch, garage and rear extensions

M/48/23 – Yapton Poultry Farm – 1 Ash Tree (T5) crown lift to 3m over the path and 5m over the road.  1 Field Maple (T10) removal of dead wood

M/41/23 – 18 Old Point – Erection of a playhouse within the front garden (retrospective) and erection of a front sliding gate with piers clad in natural stone

M/50/23 – 28 Southdean Drive – Single storey rear extension and single storey front porch extension

M/51/23 – 67-69 Elmer Road – Removal of condition following M/92/20 relating to Condition No 3 windows at first floor level in Eastern & Western elevations

M/37/23 – Yapton Poultry Farm – Approval of details reserved by condition imposed under ref M/80/19 relating to Condition 3 – Construction Management Plan

M/46/23 – Yapton Poultry Farm – Approval of details reserved by condition imposed under M/80/19 relating to Conditions 17, foul and surface water sewerage, Condition 18 – surface water drainage Condition 19 – watercourses and Condition 20 surface water drainage maintenance and management

b) New Planning Applications from surrounding parishes to discuss

Y/52/23 – Land West of Bilsham Road – Full Planning application for 170 residential houses

c) Development Control Committee planning objections to be determined by Arun DC Development Control Committee or Appeal by Secretary of State