Clarke Telecom acting on behalf of the mobile telecommunications operator MBNL who undertake the management and network deployment of telecommunications sites on behalf of EE(UK) Limited and Hutchison 3G UK Limited are proposing to install a new Hutchison 3G UK Limited column in order to provide the latest 4G and new 5G technologies to the Bognor Regis area.

The purpose of this pre-consultation is to consult with the Parish Council to seek our views on the proposal before any planning submission is made.  The proposed new mast will be sited and designed in order to provide 5G coverage and to support the existing mobile network.

The mast will be sited on the grass verge by Buckingham Court on Elmer Road alongside existing cabinets etc.

Clarke Telecom are requesting a response from the Parish Council before the 15th June 2020.  If anyone has any comments on this pre-application consultation to make then please contact the Parish Clerk Joe Lake on 01243 585262 or by email at




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