The proposed Rampion 2 Windfarm is to be discussed by the Parish Council at its next meeting on the 21st October 2020.  It has registered its interest to be involved with the discussion on this important project.

The poster below from Protect Coastal England will be on the Parish Council notice boards

We’ve done our bit in Sussex!

Did you know a massive extension to the Rampion windfarm is being planned right now?

RWE is proposing to make Rampion four times larger, extending right across the horizon from

Newhaven/Seaford to Selsey Bill. When seen from Littlehampton, Middleton and Bognor Regis, the turbines would look over four times bigger than those in the current wind farm.

The new, much larger, turbines may be over 1000 feet tall, dwarfing the already huge Rampion turbines. At only 14km from the coast, they would also be much closer than government recommendations; they would have to be more than 40km offshore to have a relatively low impact.

The siting of windfarms is a compromise. Ideally, they are sited in shallow seas far from the coast. The south coast is not ideal because the water deepens quickly and developers want to put turbines too close inshore. The Crown Estate has allocated vast areas of seabed for potential new windfarms, and only a tiny fraction of it is actually needed to meet government targets. There are much better places to put them than close to National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Heritage Coasts and tourism sites – alternative places where the sea is shallow, where they can be located very far offshore (on the Dogger bank, for example), where they would be barely visible from any coast, and their benefits would be greater – all whilst doing the environment, the seascape and the economy much less harm.

In Sussex, we’ve done our bit already by accommodating the current Rampion. Let’s not further spoil the beautiful sea views along the whole of the Sussex bay. The tranquillity of our seascape would be transformed into a busy, constantly spinning landscape of industrial clutter, lit up at night by flashing red lights. There would no longer be any part of the horizon in the whole of the Sussex bay that would not be dominated by these industrial turbines.

Say NO to the wind farm extension:

Email your objection TODAY to your local MP (either Nick Gibb or Sir Peter Bottomley) at: Nick Gibb, Member of Parliament for Littlehampton and Bognor Regis, ; Sir Peter BOTTOMLEY, Member of Parliament for Worthing West,

Contact your local parish and district councillors to make your views known. Please help to increase awareness by passing this on to your friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

For more information and to see how you can join our team and participate in protecting our unique asset, please visit the website:

© Protect Coastal England 2020

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