The Parish Council will be laying 29 crosses around the Silent Soldier at St Nicholas Church in memory of those that died during the Second World War and lived in Middleton-on-Sea or Elmer.

Their names are:

Michael Ayris

Robert Batt

Maurice Beeson

Nigel Wendover Beeson

Michael Lyon Bowley

Tony Brady

Kenneth Buttermer

Bernard Fenton

Peter Burton Gyles

Denys Gillman

Victor George Tatman Godley

Neil Heighton

Derek Barrington Jewell

Geoffrey Thomas Kinmond

George Charles King

Jack Anthony King

Kenneth Lance

Anthony Alan Markwick

Derek Pearce

Eric Parsons

Geoffrey Phillips

Gordon Hugh Ramsay

George Michael Roddy

Peter Rutherford

Norman Sydney Smith

Patrick Saunders

Roy Stilwell

Charles Mervyn Voules

William Erskine Waters


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